Eguild (SMC-Private) Limited is a one of the main provider of Geotechnical and Topographic services with a wide range of operations in the Pakistan. Since its establishment in 2010, Eguild (SMC-Private) Limited has been the actively providing services in its field of geotechnical, recognizing client needs and aggressively developing quality standard operating procedures and delivering services to fulfill these requirements. This “client satisfaction” driven approach has guided the company to its successful performance over the years in the continuously challenging market.

Eguild (SMC-Private) Limited now enjoys a proud reputation of over a decade in the construction sector of the country. The strong reputation that Eguild (SMC-Private) Limited has earned over the years is due to combining the experience, expertise, high quality of services and professionalism provided to the client, in addition to maintaining the highest international standards of safety and  health during any type of engineering services provided.

Soil, rock and water form the core foundation upon which our social and physical infrastructure is built. Specialist knowledge of these materials during the early planning phases of a project through to design and construction can ensure success – whether it’s a high-rise building, road, a tunnel or near shore structures.

At Eguild (SMC-Private) Limited, we help our clients manage the earth through a range of ground engineering services including site investigation, geotechnical interpretation, analysis and design, and construction advice.

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